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released June 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Can't Stop Won't Stop Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: 48 Straight
Yeah we growin flowtanical gardens Oh you never heard that word well I ain't begging your pardon This be the fresh cream from the top of the carton all the way for Los Angeles to West Harlem Hardly contained and I'm freakin at full effect til the wheels fall off and burn no regrets So to diss and dismiss on this is ill-advised everybody getting heated cuz I'm cool as snow in July So don't try to bite on my raps I'm more productive taking a nap than most of these cats Constant applause I make a dollar a clap I'm about to boom-bap right on outta this planet I ain't comin down til an encore's demanded Get your hands up cuz the eagle has landed Yo I flow from a source as deep as the Atlantic and I wrote it all from borough to borough on mass transit

Specifically prolific when I'm kickin a flow That's why we ticklin the listeners on every coast and now wherever we go from the Dakotas to the Poconos we bring the overdose and then we steady shock the comatose back to life yo with the kick and the snare Stickin in your head like bubblegum in your hair I hold it down for the family and double the dare We be the debonaire dream team with savoir faire (You got rhymes?) Yup can't count em all though Raw flows stackin up as high as the walls go I'm blowin up your spot like a microwave mallow and I got more rhymes than your grandmas got gallstones All told we got the most panache Energetic resurrection for your party crash A little bit of cash and a lot more comin Better step to the back if you can't stop frontin

Keep it consistent persistence-personified pollenating in the garden as the sun is rising We fly like a flock and migrate to the top My crates full of jewels that fools wish they got Probing the globe in search of earlobes sure as the cock crows this heirloom flows we plant row after row We rap what we sow Drop a bumper crop when we rock the show By the sweat of our brow yo we workin the plow Combining intellect and common sense know-how Well we know this is isn't Eden but it's feeling pretty good Havin the time of my life like a young man should So the secret of the flow is botanical All I need is sun soil and H20 flowtosynthesis genesis of cream Homestead the beat American Dream
Track Name: Freak the Funk
Well My name is Davey, you need help with that? No cure for ill and i'm about to relapse If I catch you counting sheep I'm bringin in the wolf pack You know I've been known to make the floor collapse I sling words in felony quantities In pen and ink I'm verse murdering Limited humility ability Ill now when the beat get to bumpin I admittedly kill I'm a floorbreaker up on the floor I'll break on this floor til the floor's no more So look alive it's high time I put a shift on the whole hip hop paradigm

My name is David Eff Chillin on the beach cuz of the coin I collect Foreign shores of course now partner whatchu expect gotta gimme props cuz I get the gettin correct Watch how I step son in my stetson fly like a jetson extra terrestrial slung with a ray gun read or not here I come Put the needle to the wax and the damage done Put my mouth to the mic it's a tour de force and now you rockin with the golden state warrior The roof already raised what your hands up for all you gotta do is jump til you break the floor

You know what we came to do - We came to freak the funk
Davey Davey make em jump for joy Davey Davey make em jump for joy
You know what we came to do - We came to freak the funk
David Eff hit the floor homie, break it in two and let em know what we came to do

Some break on the floor, I just break the floor now stomp up and down til your ankles sore Do the math one Eff couple D's and it's plain to see I got my ill degree Yeah this man's spittin galactic transmissions and I can't stand sittin got too much ambition so we ambush the scene with the first release like I was riding through the ghetto on a wildebeest Bring your sunscreen out I got so much shine A lone silver dollar in a jar full of dimes yeah time to make it fresh cuz it feels so muggy with the flow so fierce I'll put you back in your huggies I bring it to you fly par avion there's milk and there's meat and filet mignon- So tell me carnivore what you had for dinner enough meat on the bone this last you all winter Cuz we drop hot coffee on the crotch of hip hop Get a tourniquet cuz the flow won't stop Like hopscotch I'm on my way to the top and if my rhymes outrun the beat when then I guess it'll drop Gettin kinda rowdy at the end of the song Settle down children we can all get along now push shove jump as one and break through the floor til the kingdom come
Track Name: For the Love
Don't question my love for what I do Since my terrible two's innate how I create from within comes without a doubt a penchant for penning my penny thoughts til I got a better life a bonafide profession been taking lessons On my game up and comin I been chasing comeuppance no tux or cufflinks no bluffs or hoodwinks no buff to my ink don't blink I'm battle-worn my saddle worn like the pony express this journey arduous recognize I'm blessed though I'm feelin like a ten ton truck rollin over my chest the west taught me to persevere in the desert severe Sage outlines horizon lines so fast you can see the very ticking of time that's how I know life is short for sure so I'm doing what I love til I reach God's golden shore

Weekends - Gave em up
Girlfriends - Gave em up
Grind until we shine because it's for the love

You know I stepped in the ring cuz it's worth the fight and I could see it everytime I closed my eyes at night So to the people that believe that my potential isn't finite I'm gonna shine bright still gunning for the limelight I wanna watch it grow, mature and take form So I feed the seed of my dreams and make sure it ain't just the cream I been doin this for because the folks with the money get the problems more No I do it for the challenge and to rise above like a pod under pressure coming outta the mud and I'ma stick with my decision through sweat tears and blood through the feast and the famine the drought and the flood So to anybody eager while I laid in wait I appreciate the love and the space to create but I'm about to go big from a nascent state so why don'tcha pass me the hammer while I claim my stake

Weekends - Gave em up
Girlfriends - Gave em up
Grind until we shine because it's for the love
Paydays - Gave em up
Fancy things - Gave em up
Everyday we working cuz it's for the love

I wanna shout from the rooftop of hip hop, hip hop, hip hop
I wanna dig til we hit bedrock, bedrock, bedrock

I put the magic back like bippity boppity boop this troop gonna swoop like a coup de tat like mardi gras gonna party til your face is raw we might even get crazy in utah say hoo-rah say hoo-rah get up get down like a seesaw yeah don't diss your esophagus you better scream jump up and pump your fist now shout from the rooftop of hip hop dig til we hit bedrock (repeated) Now shout from the rooftop of hip hop Hip hop never died and it won't stop We survivalists and revivalists So we strive with this Deep down in the jungle of the common man's struggle comes a voice from within saying not to give in just get up again So I'll bust down the door, take over the floor And let the world know what I'm doing it for.

Weekends - Gave em up
Girlfriends - Gave em up
Grind until we shine because it's for the love
Paydays - Gave em up
Fancy things - Gave em up
Keep on making music cuz it's for the love
Track Name: NPR feat. Sid
Rap is law and I'm passing the bar All verses considered like I'm NPR and we are killin em everyone I roll with Gunning for the top spot the opposite of hopeless my flow is the dopest of anyone in show biz no mo ritalin I'm still so focused. So how'd I blow up so quick? Because I got the type of rhymes that keep it crackin like a glow stick. I run through reds like my name was Joe McCarthy and everywhere I go I start the party hardly starving I'm an emcee cannibal Can't stop spittin man I'm like a rabid animal oh I'm on the J-O-B no intro homie you already know me the name is David Eff and I just kick it from my head smooth like butter on bread

Yo as the world spin up on it's axis Ima let you see a little bit of true praxis Gee it feels surreal as real lines congeal To make verses worth the approving seal Can we. . reminisce over breakfast How our little crew grew bigger than Texas I'm taking this exit I'm feeling intrepid (uh huh) Top tier on the frontier fully invested I don't need no record deal to take it to the masses and pay my bills With enough left over to travel all over and grow the enterprise like my name was Hova With my four leaf clover I'm hedging my bets To the four corners we'll be taking a set Expect our derrieres in your area So be ready for the funk I'm beware-ing ya

And with regard to touching my booth dreams I'm rushing (Russian), Putin/rushing, Usain/nuts man Hussein (who's sane?)/pardon my stream of consciousness, honestly being honest when I promise I'm a monster with/ three eyes third page of the preface/ rap be my women, my food, engaged to the breakfast/reckless, lose change and a necklace/converted to a Range and a Lexus/ to flirting out in Spain with a dame named Alexis, vamanos/ on the Tour de France Lance admitted I was kinda dope/ Sid you the man, man homie but you gotta know/ that your bars be sorta hard to grasp like shower soap/ and ima blow, don't believe me just watch homie/flow indeed be timeless no watch on me/ can't stop won't till y'all sayin they the best/ this is S.I.D. Baby, Davey, David Eff c'mon!
Track Name: Scrape the Sky feat. Fresh Big Mouf
Here we go , here we go, here we go, here we go Now we blastin off into the ozone The way we kickin in the dojo is loco fa sho tho We pavin a road that's opposed to the dodo goin over yo head like a top hat stop that I know you see me spittin these hot raps Now watch that beat cuz it’s about to drop been rockin since the 09 jump off yeah Last name Pan, First name Peter I know you see me flying and want me to teach ya But I stay elevated so that all God’s creatures Can hear me shout it out like my name was Aretha getting R-E-S-P-E-C-T fly by see the looks on your face Cuz I’m in full E-F-F-E-C-T jetsetting on a daily basis

David Eff, man - Ya don't stop
Davey Davey - Ya don't stop
We came to rock it til the city takes off
Mister captain, I'm an ace pilot
I wanna spread my wings and fly
To all my people in coach, and to my first class folks
We'll show you how to scrape the sky

As the Curvature of the earth takes shape Fly fast forward like a video tape No cape, just follow my jet stream Loud in the clouds sonic boom in your precinct All hop, no trampoline black box in the pocket of my jet jeans Shine with the stars so bright even NYC sees me at night I see London I see France Now Ladies bounce to my turbulence Drop jams from the sky like manna All the way from Alabama to Copacabana Back to the west side where I reside So scuse me do you care if I Jump to the bump and take to the skies We T minus 10 to let the hook fly


Ha – Sicker than yo average Down like goose and I’m fly like Maverick
With a savage attack and a mouth like a match spittin fuego homie, it ain’t trickin if it’s magic - Illusions - indubitably juvenile My crew can do it and we do it wild Rock around the clock all across the nation Got a lot of Sky Miles and a reputation Of makin earthquakes everytime we land Cuz stoppin ain’t an option or a part of the plan Fools get to fumin while I’m running on jet fuel Now pay close attention cuz I’m ready to let you Know I’m all about child I got the style that you’ve come to love And I’ma stay fly til the day I die Spittin fresh to death from above

Track Name: Nightcap
Girl I see you comin a country mile away
Should I make a plan of escape or delay
Should I linger, check the ring finger
Oooh I got a spot where I'm thinking I'll bring ya
Just as soon as I know your name and where you come from
Better keep it tame lest I act dumb
I musta ate butterflies for lunch
I gotta hunch you gonna be my secret crush
Yippie cai ai ey little dogies
I'm lit like a stogie
I'm on a roll like a hoagie
Yogi bear on the move for some honey mami sorry to stare but I find you stunning
If I had a tail you know it'd be waggin
This doggie on point and I'm never slackin
But I'm quick to sniff if the vibe is wrong
Then i better be moseying on
Honey I'm gone

Dance for me, dance for me girl
No one can love you better
Winter spring summer or fall
Sing for me sing for me lady
I wanna be your nightcap, Wanna be your nightcap

Hit the gas, let's go and my engine starts
I Wanna be on the highway to your heart
I'd drive, take a bus or I'd ride my bike
Any way that I can girl I'd even hitch hike
Make a left, a right can't stop for red lights
And I ain't into idling
So gimme the green light
Ring around the rosies
Pockets full of something other than posies
I'm stacked with cash mamma that's a fact
So bring your butt right back when I finish the rap
pop a ring out girl what you say
We could honeymoon down to the bay
I love the way you lookin in that cardigan
Can we go out again?
Fellas wanna hang but I'm ignoring them
Turn the ringer off I ain't answering


Girl like my dough I'm gonna spread this on the table
I'm grazing in the pasture but I want to find a stable
Well I'm all man and then some you could call me Clark Gable
and I testify to you I am ready willing and able.

Girl you know I got my job
Got so much work to do
But when I come home, when I come home
You're the boss
Get up at it early in the morn
And give my best for you
but when i come home, when i come home
you're the boss

What do I gotta do to get next to you
Lotta otha dudes lookin to woo
Im dropping clues, payin double dues
Tossin me round like a game of horse shoes
You way too hot to keep it cool
What up girl scout what up man cub
You got my heart doing double time lub-dub
How bout a back rub after we grub
I keep the love comin when push come to shove
I'm committed like a captain
So you know I won't abandon
no you cant even imagine
That I'd ever send you packin
Girl I want to stay together even in the stormy weather
Whether better whether worse better be ready for forever
Track Name: Fire and Rain
I'm from the biggest little city in the wild wild west
Reno now you know it's the city I rep
A Little rain, but mostly fire
Though i tire and perspire through the mire I will rise again
Not from the city of sin but the city that wins
White trash catching fire burning bright for my kin
Took my lessons pushing wood every day in the street
Get up early in the morning cuz my daddy always told me boy-
'wake up Jacob day's a-breaking, coffee's boiling and the bread's a-baking, roll out cowboy come and get it before I throw it out and spit in the skillet'
Yeah so i finish up my breakfast, put away the ham
And now I never put a T on the end of can
cantankerous hankering banging on the front door
Hear my spurs jingle-jangle as I mount my horse

I've seen fire and I've seen rain (repeat)

Now check it I grew up inside the 495 in the shadow of the capitol is where I resided learned to talk real slick and to keep my stride cuz deep down I knew my future was already decided I had a lot of people tellin me off though had me marching in the line of a familiar barcode but I restocked my reeboks my walk was so cocky on my way I took some cheap shots that would never stop me so with nothing to my name but some rhymes and game I took my dream to the coast seeking fortune and fame and I've been panning for gold but it ain't come up yet it takes time to blow so I don't get upset cuz I'm on it like a bonnet on a pioneer and i'm the king like crocket on this wild frontier to my peers taking shots you can be my guest cuz the Eff won't rest til I'm known as the best


No more changing horses in the middle of the stream
Chasing dreams full steam earn esteem with the team
We bringing meat to the table puttin marrow in ya bones to your
Head shoulders knees and toes
Eyes ears mouth and nose
Then we tickling your senses you ain't even know you had
So get your hands in the air like you was hailing for a cab
And if you're down in the dumps and it ain't going swell
Here's a little anecdote that'll do ya well:
It takes both fire and rain to nourish a forest
To make it flourish make it grow and get that timber to tower
Deriving power from the sun and putting roots to soil
Till the seed that you sow becomes a mighty sequoia
So its a given I'm not gonna give in I just keep on living you know I never quit cause I'm driven
And when I'm done I'll pass the mic to my next of kin
And till we meet again i'll be dropping demos from my coffin
Track Name: Animalistic
Olly olly oxen free, ready or not
Prowling like an ocelot cuz I crush a lot
Got it on lock, full stock and barrel
Wild like an alley cat thoroughbred feral
I make you sweat like the subway in the summer,
Knock out heavyweight up-and-comer
Low presshuh front feel it in your bones
24- 7 rain storm in my zone
That's awesome my possum now watch how i rock em
Johnny appleseed as all my trees blossom,
blooming Benjamin's, full up to the brim
Check me out I'm Scrooge Mcduckin
Splish splash now I'm taking a bath
Fifty meter freestyle all over the track
Piranhas in the water poised for the attack
It's like a jungle in this habitat

Everybody get animalistic
get wild cuz we going ballistic
Everybody get animalistic
Get going cuz we wild

Dropping it in on the track like a paratrooper
Leavin emcees in a funky stupor
It's uberly lucid and utterly stupid
the way I put words together- verse Cupid
I verse you, you verse me
I been bursting at the seems ever since we dropped kitchen clean
So jump back boy and kiss your bad self
at it again so make room on the top shelf
We keep you moving like wd40
We stormin like Norman till.. 6 in the morning
Flow comin at you flash flood no warning
Ring the dinner bell we smorgasbording
Brrrring brrring (yo what up cuz)
Just Doing as im doing like a veteran Does
Since the days of rat tails
combo with a buzz
Ya I been making rhymes since before I had peach fuzz

Everybody get animalistic
get wild cuz we going ballistic
Everybody get animalistic
Get going cuz we wild

Everybody get animalistic
We crashing on the party like a couple of misfits
With a tendency to go ballistic if you trip
I've got some pennies for your eyes so you don't wanna risk it (dig?)
Safari coming through now you don't want to miss it
now a tisket a tasket a blanket a basket
Pic-a-nic in the jungle and the spread is fantastic
Back swinging on the track like its jungle gymnastics
We only kick it wild not a scrap of pasture
Mice and men better beware cause we fly like raptors
From roaring on the floor to soaring through the rafters
I'm gonna bring so many with me you should call me the rapture
So good it make you drool like a buttery biscuit
Now the animal within is ready to be enlisted
If you didn't know by now I'm gonna make it explicit
Everybody's got it in em so get Animalistic
Track Name: Paper Route
On our paper route
On our paper route
More soul when we roll on our paper route!
On our paper route
On our paper route
From the block to the world on our paper route

Here I come with the news it's
The Can't Stop Times
I'm rolling to your porch soon as the sun shines
mile after mile in the early light I might
Ride through the city to the show tonight
Competition stale cuz we stole the fresh
Transcend on the mic but we're in the flesh
Got a 40 acre farm where I'm growing the flow
And I'm fly like a cow in a tornado oh!
No sophistry on the mic
Get the job done right with old time advice like:
'Earn interest don't accrue it'
Accruing your interest is how we doing it
Boss hog on another corn cob
Ride the beat so hard I'm making it sob
Saw so many logs hearing other MCs, I could build me a cabin in a grove of trees
David Effe you the sensei
What do you say mang
I think we need to bangarang and slang a new jam for the true fam
So give a shout and Tell em all about our paper route

We roll 500 deep on 21 speeds
Then take over your street like your facebook feed
I’m rockin wit the hawk and they call me DP
If you rollin then we’ll get along famously
They wanna stop me like a stick in the spokes
But they get lost and I'm off in the thickest of smoke
I know my people feel the real, non fictional flow
So call me Vincent Vega, cuz you dig it the most
Red light, Green light 1-2
Maintain the same lane man that’s how we do
I got the blaster strapped on for the funky few
Me and my people keep it poppin like a thorn in your inner tube
Interviewed - on the news, makin headlines
Got a lot of loyalists queued like a bread line
Few crews snooze on these dudes at bedtime
Still make em sicker than a bucket of red vines


Pass me the mic, no gimme the megaphone
Then rock to the rhythm never stop like a metronome
Hurtin MC’s like I’m setting a bone
And I’ll be droppin every option in my lexicon
And to the people in my general coordinates
It ain’t important so ignore the city ordinance
You want more of this? Of course you do
I bring the thunder - storming like a Typhoon dude
Judas Priest – I ain’t breakin the law
But I do roll deep like a back massage
You can fit a hundred bikes in a two car garage
So let's fill up the streets with an entourage
Now I really hope you like my flavor
But if not, then you better warn the neighbors
That I’ll be runnin this route until I’m up in the majors
And til the papers comin like its on a conveyor player

Track Name: Grand Prize
We got the grand prize

Hey. Shows over house lights on credits rollin as i drop the bomb live from the cube in los angeles i did my duty to deliver to you tireless yes spit on-demand call me pay-per-spew they payin per listen Hear my paper? Listen showroom shine grand prize glisten wisdom on the track with these savage adages

Ya, so no longer must I forage for porridge
I've got a forest full of cabbage and I've got more in storage,
Raps aged to perfection
Amply nasty
Unsurpassed cast of two do it new
True: it ain't music of the Usual perusal
Bring it with impunity we make no refusal
To rock it till we take it to the boiling point with another funky joint

So tune in next time ladies and gents cuz I'll be giving you the moon for 99 cents I ain't caterin to haters campin by the fence nah, the only time to beat is my personal best And this right here is a driven individual - Raps Ken Jennings, pursuing nothing trivial - Uh huh- and you already know so let your head nod throughout the outro

As the curtains close and its time to go
Wildebeest almost tout like a manifesto
So Lets make a toast to all the friends and fam and all the folks involved since we started to jam
And to a world full of people who telling you what you can and can't do better recognize
Salty eyes ain't a thing cuz we recognize
That when we doing what we love thats the grand prize.